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Rococo Cast Iron Radiator Single Column 560mm

£26.50£880.00 Inc VAT
Available in 8 heights this is one of the first produced decorative cast iron radiators. Originally manufactured in France in the 1890s, The Rococo features elegantly scalloped top detail with interwoven decoration.

Sleeping Swan Cast Iron Radiator

£75.00£2,040.00 Inc VAT
Regal, graceful and exuding sophistication. The original radiator dates back to late 19th century Belgium its design is distinctly European. The flowery patterns blossom into elegant looking swan silhouettes and is encased in a wing shape reinforcing the swan theme.  
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Thistle Cast Iron Radiator

£73.00£2,140.00 Inc VAT
Delicate lines entwine around stylised Thistle motifs, giving a distinct Celtic feel to this design. This attractive radiator has detail right down to the scroll feet, and will bring style and sophistication to any room.
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Turin Cast Iron Radiator

£60.00£1,680.00 Inc VAT
With its demure stature the Turin is perfect example of a small but mighty cast iron radiator. It is perfect for placing underneath windows but is very comfortable in all manner of places within both classic and contemporary homes. Swirling patterns on the shoulders and legs beautifully finish this 5 column radiator!

Tuscany Cast Iron Radiator

£49.00£1,480.00 Inc VAT
Featuring a rounded top and unique concave section, this design offers classic style. The clean shape and subtle sunburst pattern of flowing lines bring a contemporary feel that will complement any decor.

Veneto Cast Iron Radiator

£98.00£2,500.00 Inc VAT
Regal, graceful and exuding a highly decorative design – the Veneto is simply stunning. Fluid, organic detail complimented by an area of continuous flow through the mid-column area gathering momentum for continuation. Almost unique in detail – truly “inviting” for an additional look to discover more.  

Verona Cast Iron Radiator 650mm

£51.00£1,840.00 Inc VAT
Available in 3 heights. Originally manufactured in Masschussetts, USA by the American Radiator Company in the 1890s, this truly remarkable design combines cherubs, dragons and lions entwined together with vines running throughout the decoration.